About us

The brand Granite is a part of the company Fine Threads Clothing Co. Founded in April 2012. The company specializes in making formal trousers, which are aimed at the corporate sector, with an MRP ranging from Rs 790 to Rs 1290. Even though there are some linen trousers (ranging from MRP of Rs 1440 to Rs 1790).The core business is in making high-quality formal trousers only.

The company designs clothing to feel the comfort that comes from within. Keen observation of the Indian Physic and structure has been the basis of our strength. The company deals in Two different fits, First One is Polo fit aiming to their corporate clients, where as their slim fit is more focused on fashion cum party wear. So this way you can start your day in their slim trousers and after office hours you can enjoy the party in the same fit.

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