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Building Human Capital with adequate knowledge, skill and aptitude is crucial for any organization to attain excellence in performance. Out of all inputs that contribute to the success of an organization, manpower is the most important. It takes time & proactive learning & development to build skilled and committed work force that can attain organizational objectives. In the present competitive environment, particularly with fast evolving IT platforms, a fine tuned training and development programme is a necessity that synergises with the activities of the organization. This can only be envisioned by professionals with hands-on experience in the field.

Our Team




Honey Gudh PCC, Founder

Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Strategist and an insatiable learner…

Honey Gudh is the founder of ICON Coaching and the originator of well-known coaching model of PURPOSE. This model helps an individual to transit from an oblivion being to an   evolved being by adopting Socratic questioning technique, which helps him/her to have insightful thinking and deeper revelations about himself/herself and what he/her wants from life. This helps to add meaning, peace and satisfaction in life. Honey adopts simple, direct and emotionally active and an insightful approach in her sessions, which automatically brings an inner urge for self-transformation.
Honey is a passionate professional, who has dedicated herself to the cause of ‘adding value and impacting lives…’ and make her unique contribution to the world, of which she is a part. She is an interesting blend of being a professional, organizational psychologist and an entrepreneur whose greatest achievement is to see people learn, grow and make their journey of life as truly experiential. She has successfully led professional teams to achieve ambitious targets within tight deadlines.
Emotional Analyst: At the core, Honey is passionate about helping people explore their emotions, become aware of them, identify what role do emotions play in building relations and making choices in life. Her sessions/programs are exceptionally beneficial for executives and prospective leaders of the organization too as they are able to build on their EQ, take emotionally rational decisions and become a people’s person. She enjoys connecting both intellectually and emotionally with her participants. This distinct trademark is evident in her organizational development, wellness and leadership coaching work.
Women Leadership Program: Being true to her women spirits, Honey heartily welcomes and initiates several leadership programs for women who are part of the corporate world for decades but have mentally submitted that higher leadership positions are meant for men to strive for. Herein, Honey puts to use her unique background and experience in leveraging Self-Awareness and People Development skills to help them explore their potent leadership potential and performance centric skills. Process is extremely satisfying as organizations get great leaders… women add new strength and meaning to their life.
Coach, Mentor, Trainer: With the ultimately mission of making her unique contribution to the world, Honey uses her multi skills to perform different roles as a coach, mentor and a trainer. She has been training, mentoring and coaching for the past 12 years. She has repeated clientele from different industries, Financial, IT, Telecom, Education, several PSU’s, PSB’s and apex bodies like Reserve Bank of India and NIBM for her ability to share complex information in most interesting and intriguing way.
Education and Coaching Credentials: Honey has Master’s degree in HR, is Certified Training and Development Professional and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Mentor Coach, with International Coach Federation. 
Honey loves… Adventure, long walks on the beach, marathon running and aerobics. Her passion is reading books on variety of subjects and penning her thoughts. She enjoys keeping herself busy!



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